Corona Virus Update

STILL OPEN REMOTELY, still shipping dream bikes and still appreciative of your business.


On March 27th, the State of Maine classified bike shops as essential services so we're gonna keep plugging away, however in an over abundance of caution, we've collectively decided not to offer the full range of allowable services.


1. BUSINESS AS USUAL - SORTA, KINDA: We're still contactable by phone, text and email to provide advice, we'll still accept new bike sales, perform special order builds and sell/ship mail ordered purchases, but we plan to minimize face-to-face contact between our employees and our customers by restricting people from coming into the showroom. We'd love it if you could give us the chance to serve you remotely, so please get in touch and you'll find the same friendly, helpful, smiling people at the end of a phone or keyboard as you've always found in the shop.

2. LOCAL NEW BIKE SALES: We're still selling folks new bikes. If you're looking for a new #SocialDistancingVehicle drop us an email or call and we'll help you pick out the perfect bike in the perfect size (we're ninjas at doing this remotely). When it arrives, we'll build it up with our own special MBW twist and reach out to arrange a convenient time for you to collect it without contact or face to face interaction from us curbside.

3. COUNTRYWIDE NEW BIKE SALES: Many of our 85 bike brands have reached out to us and are now letting us build a bike for you here at MBW and ship it to your doorstep no matter where you live in the lower 48, so if you're hankering for a new N+1 and your local shop doesn't cater to the adventure touring market, we can help you beat the boredom one pedal stroke at a time.

4. PARTS AND ACCESSORY SALES: Just drop us an email or call us to get the ball rolling and we'll drop whatever parts you need to repair or upgrade your bike in the mail. The same goes for any bike related goodies that will make your upcoming social distancing more enjoyable. Unfortunately, we are no longer doing curbside pick-up for parts and accessories. Mailing is the least risky way to get you your much needed parts that we can think of.

5. REPAIRS: In order to minimize our employee's contact with surfaces from outside the shop, we're no longer accepting any new repair requests. We'll re-evaluate this decision weekly as there will certainly come a time when the curve has been flattened enough and we find a workflow that our employees are confident in.

So while we're upset that we can no longer invite you into the showroom, we'll be working our darndest to provide as many of our services as we can in this new normal. It's obviously going to be a financial blow for any retail business like ours to pull up sticks and start working this way, but we ultimately think it's the responsible thing to do for our employees and our hometown community.

Thanks for bearing with us while we figure out our new way of working. Your support for what we do here at MBW has always meant the world to us and doubly so at this point in time.

Please reach out with whatever is on your mind to or call / text 207.590.8903. We look forward to hearing from you.

-The MBW Crew