Corona Virus Info - (Updated Sept 1st, 2020)

STILL rockin' it by appointment, STILL building dream rides, STILL fixing bikes we've sold and STILL appreciative of your business!

(Email us at before driving to the shop as we're temporarily trying to do as much business as we can with you via email to minimize the amount of our face-to-face /mask-to-mask exposure. Please no drop-ins. Email to chat about buying a new bike or to make an appointment to drop off a bike that we've sold you in the past for a repair. Sorry, due to the sheer volume folks reaching out to us who want to social distance on two wheels, we're not able to work on bikes from elsewhere at this time.)


I'm happy to report that that even in this weird new world, customers from all over New England (and further afield) are goning over and above to reach out and show their support of our quirky little shop by asking us to build them new adventure bikes to help them cope with the current health crisis. This amazing support isn't something we take lightly. Thanks!

With very humble and appreciative hearts, we're gonna keep rocking new builds for folks and working on bike we've previously sold, however we've decided not to spread ourselves too thin during this time of required social distancing when we (and other bike shops) are busier than the bike world has ever, ever, been, so we've decided to temporarily do things a little differently than we've done in the past to be able to keep doing the jobs we love to do.

WHAT THE HECK DOES THAT RAMBLING SENTENCE EVEN MEAN? For the most part, it's business as usually here (sorta kinda), we're just conducting all of our business curbside and by appointment only now as we're keeping folks out of the showroom itself for the time being.

Here's a few highlights of the changes and services we're currently offering mid-pandemic:

WE'VE TEMPORARILY GONE TO APPOINTMENT ONLY: Please no drop-ins. We'd prefer it if you reach out to us by email instead of dropping by as we can often provide faster and dare I say better advice remotely then when you come by in person an at less risk to everyone. When you show up without an appointment, we're going to be doing our best to keep our conversations with you as short as possible to limit the chance of making this health crisis worse, so let's chat in advance by email so we can really go down the rabbit hole with you. If you've arranged to come to the shop to pick up your new bike or you've arranged in advance to drop of a repair (see below before throwing your bike in the car), please wear a mask and plan to social distance as we'll be doing the same.

REPAIRS: By appointment only now. Please no drop-ins and in an attempt to keep things to a manageable level for us, we're only accepting repairs / upgrade projects for bikes we've sold in the past, so if we sold you a bike or sold you a frame and built it into a bike shaped object get in touch. Unfortunately, we're just too darn busy and stretched too thin help folks who purchased their bikes elsewhere. We'll re-evaluate this decision weekly and let everyone know when we start getting greasy on all types of bikes again via our social media pages. We'll be happy to recommend other area shops that work on all bikes however.

NEW BIKE SALES (CURBSIDE PICKUP): Traditional shops have access to 2 or 3 brands and have now completely run out of bikes for the next few months, fortunately, we have 84 brands to draw on, so as long as you have sway within your Home Finance Committee to keep your budget up there, we can still get you out and riding quick smart. Best to email in rather than stopping in as we are trying to minimize our face to face (mask to mask) conversations and our preferred way to get the ball rolling with you is by email. After 5 years of doing remote fitting and bike selection we are pretty damn good at it so if you're looking for a new #SocialDistancingVehicle, drop us an email or call and we'll help you pick out the perfect bike in the perfect size (we're ninjas at doing this remotely). When it arrives, we'll build it up with our own special MBW twist and reach out to arrange a convenient time for you to collect it without contact or face to face interaction from us curbside. We've been doing an amazing amount of new bike builds for folks since the current health crisis started and we'd love to do the same for you.

PARTS AND ACCESSORY SALES: Email in rather than stopping in as we are trying to minimize our face to face (mask to mask) conversations and our preferred way to get the ball rolling with you is by email. After we chat online and take payment the same way, we'll drop whatever parts you need to repair or upgrade your bike in the mail or you can swing by the shop by appointment and pick it up curbside.

So while we're upset that we can no longer invite you into the showroom and we are limited right now to working on bikes we've sold in the past, we'll be working our darndest to provide as many of our services as we can in this new normal. It's obviously going to be a financial blow for any retail business like ours to continue to work this way, but we ultimately think it's the responsible thing to do for our employees and our hometown community.

Thanks for bearing with us while we figure out our new way of working. Your support for what we do here at MBW has always meant the world to us and doubly so at this point in time.

Please reach out with whatever is on your mind by emailing . Definitely best to email as we're receiving 100x's the amount of calls and texts as we received pre-pandemic and we simply can't get to them all, but nothing slips by us on email. We look forward to hearing from you.

-The MBW Crew