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Maine Bike Works proudly sells bikes from Co-Motion Cycles

Co-Motion Cycles

handmade bikes for your handmade adventures

Co-Motion Deschutes touring bike

you love to tour, why not love your touring bike?

as a bicycle touring and tandem focused shop, we aim to offer bike tourists of all levels a fun place to visit and a place to indugle their inner bike adventurers and now with our new partnership with Co-Motion Cycles, we can finally offer our customers what in our opinion are the finest handmade-in-the-USA tandem and single touring bikes.

in case you aren't already in the know, Co-Motion is small and highly-revered company out of Eugene, Oregon filled with friendly folks who have been producing dream machines at the absolute pinnacle of touring bike design for over 30 years.

if you have ever been drivetrain curious, you'll love Co-Motion and because MBW is all about tandems and touring, we think it is important to keep in stock demostration bikes which have all three styles of drivetrains our buddies in Eugene, Oregon offer. come on in and sit astride a Rohloff Speedhub equipped bike, a Pinion 18 Speed Gearbox equipped bike or a traditional derailleured equipped bike and compare and contast the benefits of each - just don't let us start rambling on about the Gates Carbon Belt Drive options for their bikes as we'll go on forever.

for just a little more than the cost of a production bike made by thousands on an assembly line, you can ride a truly handmade American bike brought to life with heart and craft. Their ready to ride, single bikes start at $2,500 and their tandems start at $3,000. while the initial cost of riding a Co-Motion may be slightly more aspirational than some of the other more production oriented touring lines we carry, you won't find another maker anywhere who can deliver completely such customizable tandems and singles at more reasonable prices.

for all a list of all their models, customization options and prices, visit Co-Motion's website or reach out to us and we'll be happy to start guiding you down the path to cycling nirvana.

what's possible in 25 seconds?

check out Surly Mike building a Co-Motion Cycles Bluebird tandem from scratch.

video of Surly Mike building a Co-Motion Cycles Bluebird tandem

(btw, Bluebirds are handmade in Oregon and go for around $3k which is pretty unbelievable considering the time and artisanship that goes into each one. click here to see what Co-Motion has to say about this sexy bike.)

Co-Motion Cycles Bluebird Tandem

why we love Co-Motion Cycles...

at MBW, we dig bicycle companies that think the same way we do.

in fact, we go out of our way to find makers who like to swim against the ever encroaching tide of bike commoditization. when we pick up the phone and order a Co-Motion tandem or single for a customer, our friends in Eugene, Oregon don't just walk in the back of some cavernous warehouse stuffed with bike boxes stacked floor to ceiling à la Raiders of the Lost Ark from the far flung reaches of the globe which have been gathering dust until someone randomly clicks submit in a virtual shopping cart. instead, that same call starts a conversation between our counterparts at Co-Motion and ourselves where we discuss what our customer is looking to get out of their next n+1 and ends a few months later when real American craftswomen and men turn raw steel tubes into riding works of art for that one specific customer.

with the exception of one or two of their most popular entry level rides which are built in batches of 3's and 5's, Co-Motion cycles specs out, brazes, paints and accessories each and every bike wih a particular person (or peoples in the case of their tandems) in mind. over the last thirty years, they have perfected the process of creating steel bikes which really have no peer in the small space in which their operate.

because they have three decades worth of putting people on their bikes, we will consult with them frequently on the best way to outfit your new ride. when we have a question about which will be the perfect size or model or build package for you, we simply pick up the phone and speak to an Oregonian to figure out the best way forward.

likewise, they are often the first point of contact for someone looking for one of their tandem or single bikes and they will reach out to us to act as a showroom where their customers can touch, feel, ride, and chat up all things Co-Motion Cycles.

no matter whom you speak to first, MBW is the place where your frame will be built up with the same care and attention into a functional bicycle shaped object as the folks weilding the welding torches and paint spray guns gave it when it was in their hands.

we'd love to be the shop you decide to trust to build-up your next Co-Motion and we're only a click away from answering any initial questions you may have.

Co-Motion Cycles paint options

what can I customize on my dream Co-Motion?

unlike more traditional brands, choosing which particular Co-Motion model you want is just the first of many choices you get to make in order to truly customize your dream bike. we'll help you with the sizing, so don't fret about that, but you also get to choose the color / style of paint, the color / style of decals and whether or not you want any of the extra accessories the wizards in Eugene have dreamed up.

like what accessories? lots of options here, but some of the more popular ones include generator front hubs so you can light up your path as well as charge a phone while riding, front and rear racks, extra fittings on the frames like kickstand plates or even the installation of S&S Couplings which allow you to reduce the size of your touring bike or tandem to fit within a small suitcase for easy travelling.

the biggest choice most people will need to make however pertains to the style of drivetrain they want to hang on the bike. 'what's a drivetrain?' I hear you ask? well, drivetrains refer to the gears, cogs, chains and other things on your bike which propel you forward when you start to pedal. because 99% of the bike you see on the road or trail these days use traditional chain and derailleur set ups, you may not even be aware of the alternatives out there. we've outlined the three types below and you can click on each for some additional information including pro's and con's of each straight from the horse's mouth by our buddies at Co-Motion. we keep demonstration bikes of all three in the shop, so don't worry about trying to absorbe everything below, just come in and touch and feel them in person. we love walking people through the benefits of each style - plus they're just damn cool to ride and play with!

the rabbit hole

the next time you're sitting at a desk and pretending to work, get up-to-date with all things Co-Motion with the following resources: