just a few of the 91 bike brands we carry

top tip: if there's a bike brand you're interested in whose name doesn't begin with Trek, Specialized, Giant or Cannondale we can probably get it for you - just ask. we especially love sourcing frames / bikes from the smaller makers whom you only get to read about on Bikepacking.com (check out the build we did in that link), The Radavist and in Adventure Cyclist / Adventure Cyclist Magazine. because we're nerds at heart, we also aim to stock examples of dream machines you can test ride built up with Rohloff Speedhubs, Pinion Gearboxes (both 12 & 18 speeds) and bikes with Gates Carbon Belt Drives just so you can get some butt time on them and see what all the fuss with these alternative drivetrains is all about. when it comes to your next ride, if you can dream it up, we can help you build it.

speaking of which, one of these days we'll get around to making a gallery of all the awesome bikes we've helped folks bring to life, but in the meantime, view a few prior builds your fellow adventurers have entrusted to us at:


and if you'd like to see a few cool tandems we've been involved with, check out the bottom of our Co-Motion Cycles page.

and once you peruse the list of brands, check out our list of in-stock frames and bikes as we can get you out riding on those ASAP during these times of supply chain uncertainty. that said, don't assume that if what you're after isn't in-stock, we can't get it for you as we're in touch with our suppliers daily and we even surprise ourselves on a regular basis with the unicorns we are able to dig up for folks.

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maine's tandem HQ

we'd love to be the shop that you reach out to in order to bring your tandem to life. the slow and methodical approach we take with our custom single bike builds is even more valuable when designing bikes that needs to be appreciated by two riders simultaneously. while there are other East Coast shops which have dozens and dozens of tandems in stock, none of them will (or can) give you the extended time and attention that a custom focused shop like MBW does. on average, we send 50+ emails back and forth with our customers while we walk folks through the myriad of options offered by modern tandem makers and we wouldn't want it any other way. would you like your next tandem to have a Rohloff Speedhub and Gates Carbon Belt Drive? electric shifting? S&S Couplers so you can break your bike down into a suitcase? we've helped people with all that previously and would love to walk you through the possibilities. after all, you shouldn't have to put up with shops who want to rush past these options in an attempt to get you to sign on the dotted line do you?

one of these days we'll get around to making a gallery of all the awesome tandems we've built, but in the meantime, you can see a few of the Co-Motions we've brought to life and our general build philosophies toward n+2's at the bottom of this link: here

(brand's names are clickable)

to sum up

if you find yourself thoroughly confused by all the options out there, don't sweat it. we make our living geeking out on bikes. drop us a line with whatever questions you have.

we're ninjas at making sure you're headed in the right direction and we'll ensure you don't do anything silly with your money.