maine bike works?

a relaxed, attitude-free bike shop serving all of new england.

friendly folks at mbw

maine bike works is a small by choice, owner run shop whose aim is to become new england's nerdiest touring, bikepacking, adventuring and tandeming destination while continuing to offer the custom builds and fair repair services our reputation was built on.

to help you find your next n+1 (or n+2 if you're after a tandem), we draw on bikes from our buddies at Rivendell, Co-Motion Cycles, OPEN Cycle, Salsa, Bianchi, Kona, Surly, Crust, Velo Orange, Rodeo as well as 80 other brands and (get this) we aim to stock some alternative drivetrained bikes you can demo and test ride built up with Rohloff Speedhubs, Pinion Gearboxes and Gates Carbon Belt Drives - yup, you read that right. fyi, our bikes usually start around $1k (not for snobby reasons though, read below for why).

if you are looking for something different we also offer collaborative builds from the frame up, teach repair classes and offer bench/tool hire to those wanting to become one with their own bikes.

if you need a repair done fast & for a fair price, there's no better place to bring your bike.

hours, directions and contact info

got a bike you want gone?
Take two pics and sell your bike

(An Adventure Cycling Association Affiliated Shop)


it starts with you

you dream it up, we'll bring it to life

to think that you trust us to bring with your new two-wheeled best friend to fruition means a lot to us and we don't take that responsibility lightly.

no matter if you're looking for a production bike from one of the 91 or so brands we represent or if you want to work with us to build up a Radavist / Bikepacking.com worthy rig by collaboratively picking out every nut and bolt we hang on your new frame, we treat your n+1 as if it were our own.

you make working at maine bike works the best place in the world to spend our waking hours.

you rock!

fyi, view a few prior builds your fellow adventurers have entrusted to us here:


what gets mbw excited

our proclivities

what are yours?

if you enjoy chatting about bikes in a relaxed, non-competitive, no-upsmanship allowed atmosphere you may dig mbw.

if you enjoy being around folks who could care less about how much your bike cost or what style of machine you're on, you may dig mbw.

if you enjoy riding your tandem down the eastern trail or adventures further afield, you may dig mbw.

if you've ever dreamed of quitting your job on a friday and riding your bike across the country on a Saturday, you may dig mbw.

if you enjoy strapping a bunch of gear on your bike and heading out into the woods for a quick overnighter before you head back to work smelling of woodsmoke and bourbon the next morning, you may dig mbw.

if you value friendliness, personalized attention and a desire to do the right thing over a commodity and transactional focused 'stack-em-hight, sell-em-low' raison d'etre, you may dig mbw.

bike brands Maine Bike Works sells

our bike selling philosophy

cause more choices for you are a good thing, amirite?

when it comes to selling bikes, MBW does things a smidge differently than the traditional shops.

instead of stocking dozens or hundreds of bikes and frames from just 1 or 2 makers, we do the exact opposite and intentionally only stock a few carefully curated favorites from 91+ brands for your sizing and test riding purposes. by custom ordering 99.9% of the bikes and frame-up builds we sell, we're under zilch financial pressure to limit your choice to only the bikes we have in stock and the way a manufacturer specs out a bike from the factory is just the jumping off point for customizing the build for your riding and aesthetic style.

when your new two-wheeled best friend arrives (usually 1-5 days after you pull the trigger), we'll build it for free or you can build it with us during a collaborative MBW Build-Your-Own-Bike-Session (complete bikes only, not more involved frame-up builds).* [top tip: we charge $350 to get hands-on, but complete bikes which are $3k+ qualify you to get greasy with us gratis.] * temporarily suspended due to COVID - booo :(

bike brands Maine Bike Works sells

bike brands

not ordinary bikes for not ordinary adventures

we sell kick-ass bikes, tandems and frames from:

  • Rivendell Bikes (click for dets)
  • Co-Motion Cycles (click for dets)
  • OPEN Cycle
  • Salsa Cycles
  • Bianchi
  • Kona Bikes
  • Surly
  • and 83+ other brands!

    >> click for full list <<

    All-City Cycles<
    Batch Bicycles
    Bike Friday
    Bilenky Cycle Works
    Black Mountain Cycles
    Bombtrack Bicycle Co
    Borealis Fat Bikes
    Brooklyn Bicycle Co.
    Brother Cycles
    Burly Bikes
    Calfee Design
    Co-Motion Cycles
    Corvd Cycles
    Crust Bikes
    Cycles Chinook
    da Vinci Designs
    Dean Titanium Bikes
    Del Sol
    Detroit Bikes
    Diamondback Bicycles
    DMR Bikes
    Early Rider
    Eddy Merckx
    Evo Bicycle
    Fairdale Bikes
    Fatback Bikes
    Framed Bikes
    Free Agent
    Fuji Bikes
    Fyxation Bicycles
    Greenstar Bamboo Bikes
    Growler Bikes
    Independent Fabrications
    Jones (Bars Only)
    Kazam Balance Bikes
    KHS Bicycles
    Kidz Tandems
    Kona Bicycle Company
    Lauf Bikes and Forks
    Look Cycle
    Manhattan Cruisers
    Montague Folding Bikes
    Moulton Bicycle Company
    New Albion Cycles
    Niner Bicycles
    No. 22 Bicycles
    NS Bikes
    Octane One
    OPEN Cycle
    Otso Cycles
    Pake Bikes
    Pashley Cycles
    Priority Bicycles
    Radio Bike Co
    Redline Bicycles
    Reid Bikes
    Ridley Bikes
    Rivendell Bicycle Works
    Rodeo Adventure Labs
    Salsa Cycles
    Santana Cycles
    Soma Fabrications
    Stooge Cycles
    Strider Bikes
    Surly Bikes
    Thesis Bike
    Tumbleweed Bicycle Co.
    Tern Bicycles
    VAAST Bikes
    Van Dessel Cycles
    Ventana USA<
    Velo Orange
    Why Cycles

    fyi: we've found our non-snobby, time-intensive, highly-personal approach doesn't allow us to be able to afford to sell bikes under $1k. we understand that not everyone wants (or can) spend more than a month's rent on a luxury item like a bike, so if that's you, get in touch and we'll be happy to point you towards one of the more traditional shops in our area. top tip: no matter where you buy your next bike , we'd love to be the folks you trust to keep it running sweet!

    bike repair tools

    repairs & upgrades

    your choice: we'll fix your bike or you can work on it yourself * temporarily suspended due to COVID - booo :(

    say what? why in the name of alpe d'huez would a bike shop encourage its customers to use its tools?

    simple, really. we know how much fun it can be to build and fix our own bikes and soon you will too!

    one of the main reasons we started mbw was because we personally wanted a well stocked, professionally equipped place to work on our own bikes and after years of wrenching in shops which had "no-customers-in-the-workshop" policies, we decided someone should give our fellow riders a break and let them in on the fun.

    being able to offering this type of access is expensive, so expect to pay to play in the shop.

    in those instances where you lack the time or inclination to work on your own bike, we'd love to do it for you.*

    * sorry, we don't work on e-bikes or bikes with any motors unless we originally built and sold it :(

    more about our repair / upgrade options and prices.



    all this and a bag of chips. *

    * some of these chips have been temporarily suspended due to COVID - booo :(

    bike repair

    quick professional service without the attitude

    diy & fix-it-yourself repair

    use our tools and equipment and work on your own bike

    bikes which other shops ignore

    yup, take a few for a spin

    advice for a price

    let us help you with your bike related dilemma

    touring & bikepacker bling

    a selection of essential bike adventuring accessories

    repair instruction

    hands-on lessons on what you want to learn

    bike shipping

    we'll box up and send your bike anywhere you want


    because we realize we pump up bike tires for a living

    co-operative bike builds

    let's build your next bike together using your parts or ours


    you're in luck. we have the following ready to ride or waiting to build for you*

    * during COVID, we've decided to stock 10x our normal amount of our favorite frames and as many of our core complete bikes as we can get our hands on to ensure that we can always get folks riding. so if you're looking for a gravel, touring, bikepacking or adventure bike and a $3k+ price tag doesn't scare you off, then we'll undoubtedly have something to get you out riding on ASAP for a pre-built bike currently on our showroom floor or within a couple weeks if we're building you a new ride part, by part from the frame-up.

    just don't think the following boxes contain exhaustive lists of what we can get you by any means. we're a custom shop through and through, so just bring us your adventure and we'll recommend, source and build you the perfect, just-for-you bike - no matter if it's something in our showroom today or we have to tell you you'll need to wait a few months for the perfect ride to become available again. we also special order in many, many, many of our bikes for our customers and none of those bikes will ever be recorded on these lists. all this is confusing we know, so we'd love to walk you through it, to start the conversation shooting us an email and we'll walk you though what we have today as well as what we'll be getting tomorrow and beyond.

    frames we can start building up for you today:

    for descriptions of the various build packages we offer on the frames below and the rough prices of each, click here to view our overly wordy CL listing where we attempted to flesh some of that out. ultimately, for specifics and help with sizing, just call or email in. we'd love to hear more about whatever adventure you're planning and walk you through our custom build process to help you decide if that's the direction you'd like to go. oh yeah, don't assume that we can only get you frames on this list, this is just a conversation starter.

    complete bikes in our inventory:

    if your budget doesn't quite extend to a custom build or you don't have the two+ weeks it takes us to complete a custom rig, here's a list of in-stock bikes we can get you riding on ASAP. FYI, we try to have one of each built up in our showroom and the rest are in boxes in our backroom, so if see something on this list that you want to test ride, make sure you call or email before visiting as we'd hate for you to make a long drive only to find out the bike you wanted is still in a box or just sold etc.

    it's also worth noting that we usually have 6-10 customer builds in various states of completion in the shop at any one time, so even though the bike you are interested in isn't listed in the scrolly boxes above, it doesn't mean that we don't have one in the shop to show you, the same goes for bikes that we know will be arriving in the very near future. basically, if you're looking for something specific, drop us a line as we can quickly let you know both the short and long term prospects of getting it in for you. love us a challenge!


    who knows what we'll be up to next? you will that's who.


    we don't use venture much into the dumpster fire that is twitter anymore, so if you see us tweet again, you know the apocalypse has finally arrived and we've skedaddled into the north maine woods on our bug-out bikes.


    likewise, fb ain't what it use to be for small businesses, so while we post pictures there it's rare for our posts to be seen even by our followers. note: send us an email instead of via FB as we no longer check the fb inbox and fb itself doesn't offer a function to turn fb Messenger off.


    we hang out instagram most of all these days, though if you want to ask us a question, it's still best to email it in rather than sending us a message via ig as we like to be able to send you links, spreadsheets and pictures while we chat.

    contact dets.

    email in.    call in.    ride in.

    maine bike works building and sign

    our inconvenient hours

    we're in a sweet spot and we're not talking about location. we're talking about the type of sweet spot where we have a blast at what we do for a living while also having enough time and energy for our own bike adventures when the shop is closed. our admittedly less than convenient shop hours allow us to provide unusual one-on-one personalized attention compared to the more traditional approaches you'll experience from the regional chains. if you're able to wait until we're next open, be assured that the time we spend with you in the shop will be fun, fair and productive. till then!

    current hours:

    monday: goofing around on bikes
    tuesday: goofing around on bikes
    wednesday: 10-5
    thursday: 10-5
    friday: 10-5
    saturday: 10-5
    sunday: goofing around on bikes

    check and feeds for last minute changes to opening and closing times.

    here are the hours maine bike works is open

    contact us

    maine bike works, llc
    885 portland road
    (u.s. route 1 across from Ira Jack Chevrolet Cadillac)
    saco, me 04072

    207.590.8903 <-tap to call
    (always best to check out hours to the left first. fyi, we try not to be rude when we're helping people face-to-face, so we generally don't answer the phone if we're already engaged with folks in the shop. if that's the case, just leave a message and we'll call ya back when we're freed up - promise!)

    facebook.com/mainebikeworks [fb is a hot mess and a depressing place to boot, brighten our day by emailing us instead]
    mainebikeworks [by appointment as we'd have to find our username and password]
    twitter/mainebikeworks [just hearing the t-word sucks out our life energy, so we don't much use it anymore - we love emails though!]

    a Google map of maine bike works's location at 885 Portland Road, Saco, Maine

    our inconvenient location

    located in saco, maine on u.s. route 1. click the map above or type 885 portland road, saco (better known as u.s. route 1) into your GPS. located immediately across the street from the Chevrolet & Cadillac dealer and its giant American flag, the shop is 1/4 mile south of the cascade road and 1 1/4 miles south of the scarborough line.

    minutes from i-95, downtown saco, old orchard beach and scarborough. 10 mins south of the fair city of portland. 45 mins north of portsmouth, nh (yes, darn it, maine has a 5.5% sales tax on products, but we hope our winning personalities and maine's 0% tax on labor/services make up for the fact that physical stuff is cheaper in the granite state). 90 mins north of the big smoke known as boston, ma.

    look for the big pink and black bicycle road sign in the sky and the matching 'bicycle repair' sign on our building.

    there's plenty of free and easy parking with space for 3 current bike polo games and a rowdy bikeswap at least. if you need assistance loading or unloading your bike from your car, come on in and say the word and we'll be happy to lend a hand!