maine bike works?

a relaxed, attitude-free bike shop serving southern maine.

friendly folks at mbw

Maine Bike Works is a small by choice, owner run shop hoping to help you have as much fun with bikes as we do.

it's our aim to become the area's touring, gravel and bikepacking adventure specialist while continuing to offer the custom builds and fair bicycle repair services our reputation was built on.

to help you find your next n+1, we draw on bikes from our buddies at Rivendell Bicycle Works, Moots, Salsa Cycles, Kona Bikes, Surly, Crust, Velo Orange, Soma Fabrications, Rodeo Adventure Labs and 40+ other brands.

we also offer collaborative builds from the frame up, teach repair classes and offer bench/tool hire to those wanting to become one with their own bikes.

conveniently located in saco, maine on u.s. route 1 (885 portland road) across from Frank Galos Chevrolet on the auto mile. only minutes from 95, old orchard beach, scarborough, and downtown saco.

if you need a repair done fast for a fair price, there is no better place to bring your bike. :)

got a bike you want gone?
Take two pics and sell your bike

(An Adventure Cycling Association Affiliated Shop)

Rear end of a road bike in shop


your choice: we'll fix your bike or you can work on it yourself.

say what? why in the name of alpe d'huez would a bike shop encourage its customers to use its tools?

simple, really. we know how much fun it can be to build and fix our own bikes and soon you will too!

one of the main reasons we started maine bike works was because we personally wanted a well stocked, professionally equipped place to work on our own bikes and after years of wrenching in shops which had "no-customers-in-the-workshop" policies, we decided it was time someone gave our fellow riders a break and let them in on the fun. offering this type of access is expensive, so expect to pay something to play in the shop.

when you work on your own bike at maine bike works you'll enjoy having the right tools, equipment, and replacement parts on hand. sure sounds better than working on your bike again on your kitchen floor doesn't it?

in those instances where you lack the time or inclination to work on your own bike, we'll happily do it for you.

bike brands Maine Bike Works sells

bikes & gear

it's a big world - ride it.

we sell bikes for cyclist looking to answer the call of the eastern trail or adventures further afield.

when it comes to selling bikes, MBW does things a smidge differently than the regional chains.

instead of stocking dozens or hundreds of models, we do the exact opposite and only carry a few carefully curated favorites for your sizing and test riding purposes. once we help you decide on the perfect model, size and color, we'll order it up. when it arrives we'll build it or you can get hands-on and build it with us (if your bike qaulifies) - no extra charge for getting your hands greasy. pretty cool, huh?

we sell kick-ass bikes and frames from:

  • Rivendell Bikes (click for dets)
  • Moots
  • Salsa Cycles
  • Kona Bikes
  • Surly
  • Crust
  • Velo Orange
  • Soma
  • Rodeo Adventure Labs
  • & & 40+ other brands
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    all this and a bag of chips.

    bike repair

    quick professional service without the attitude

    diy & fix-it-yourself repair

    use our tools and equipment and work on your own bike

    bikes, bikes, bikes

    yup, take a few for a spin

    advice for a price

    let us help you with your bike related dilemma

    bike & bikepacker bling

    a selection of essential repair parts and bike accessories

    repair instruction

    hands-on lessons on what you want to learn

    bike shipping

    we'll box up and send your bike anywhere you want


    because we realize we pump up bike tires for a living

    co-operative bike builds

    let's build your next bike together using your parts or ours